Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The happenings this lately.

I would've loved to post yesterday. But unfortunately our entire University was sans internet access. That. Stunk. Oh well.

Let's see here. I've been fish - sitting for the past day and a half or so. That doesn't mean I've been sitting on any fish. That means that while Rebekah is experiencing minor-stardom, I've got Choo-Choo Laverne.

Isn't he pretty?

Okay, on another note. A friend on my hall asked me if I would draw a tattoo for her friend. Uhm, Chyeah!! How's that for cool? She had a picture but it was tiny. So I made it look bigger.

I just find it exciting that somebody might be wearing something I've drawn around on her foot for the rest of her life. It doesn't get much better!

Also, I've had an obsession for big funky hair for the past couple weeks, due to the discovery of perpetual artist, Imogen Heap.

That was World Lit Class.

This was Jr. Sr. My big hair phase is far from over.