Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bored of the Rings?

Well I'm not!...bored of the rings that is. ..Uhm. Lord of the Rings that is. Forgive me. Anyway, here's a Lord of the Rings piece.

Unfortunately I had to take pictures of this with my camera rather than scanning it with the scanner that I do not possess. I hope that word has two s's. But it may not. It's Eowyn, with watercolor. Yeah, I've watched the movies so many times I can't imagine the characters looking any different. Is that a literary crime? Clap me in irons, then, I really like the movies.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Whole New World...and a couple movie reviews.

And so I enter the world of "Blogger" with a slightly ridikkulus (a little HP for all) title but nonetheless...Hello, world!

Anyway. Last night I watched the movie, Flyboys. Uhm, can we say, two thumbs waving around frantically in the action-packed air? Yeah we can say that. A couple nights before, my family was sitting around the living room tuned into the good ol' directv contemplating between The Astronaut Farmer and Flyboys. Absolutely unfortunately we chose The Astronaut Farmer and spent the next few days questioning the waste of three good dollars. Dollars that could've been used to buy some gum (my mouth regrets the choice).

You see - the set-up to The Astronaut Farmer presents us with this "I'm a dreamer, even thought my dreams are far-fetched" feel. And that...we generally like. Or at least I do. You don't expect the movie to be painstakingly realistic. But...C'mon. The man crashes his...Rocket. Not his chevy, not his motorcycle. He crashes his ...Rocket Ship. AND HE LIVES! And then He and his son build him another rocket...within what seems to be a week's time.

Do you remember the part in Lord of the Rings when Bilbo tells Gandalf that he feels stretched? Like butter scraped across too much bread? Yeah well that's the story-line of The Astronaut Farmer. It's a whole lot of nothing stretched across a near 2 hour movie.

But - bring this post to a happier note...I will describe to you...Flyboys. Well, you should probably go watch it yourself before I describe it to you. But...anyway. There were a few times I had to flee the living room because of some high-suspense I couldn't handle. There's some gross parts. And some wierd ...uh...i don't know ...innuendos in the beginning? Definetely a PG - 13er. But - I was a fan. I...was a fan.

Okay, I'm outtie.