Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bored of the Rings?

Well I'm not!...bored of the rings that is. ..Uhm. Lord of the Rings that is. Forgive me. Anyway, here's a Lord of the Rings piece.

Unfortunately I had to take pictures of this with my camera rather than scanning it with the scanner that I do not possess. I hope that word has two s's. But it may not. It's Eowyn, with watercolor. Yeah, I've watched the movies so many times I can't imagine the characters looking any different. Is that a literary crime? Clap me in irons, then, I really like the movies.


Rebekah said...

Ooooh.... Nice artwork! I think you should draw a picture of Arwen pulling on one of Aragorn's arms and Eowyn (sp?) pulling on the other. And they could be snarling at each other and Aragorn could be like... yay-yuh!
or maybe a kitten or something.

Liz said...

Haha. I think i should draw our idea of that punk kid doing something secretive under his bed. And then his mom comes in and discovers that *gasp* her little rocker is an expert entimologist - pinning and labelling all those little bugs with exquisite care! :)

Rebekah said...

haha yeah!!!!
oh lizbert.... i can't believe we get to see each other again in less than two weeks! you better prepare yourself because i'm probably gonna hug you. ttfn!

Abby Youmans said...

Nice drawing!! (: I wish I could draw like that ^.^ I sketch a little bit (: Mainly anime though, sometimes flowers and stuff.