Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bridge to DESPAIR!...thia

You know, I am a fan of Walden Media. I am. I really am. I love how the movies stamped with the Walden Media logo end up being stuffed full of moral messages. For the most part - they're charming. Like, okay, Charlotte's web ...good stuff! Narnia - i dont really have to say anything. But - i watched Bridge to Terabithia last night with my roomate (who was cruelly waiting to regard my soggy reaction to the tail of the movie) aand...throughout the first half of the happy movie I was so excited!! "They're gunna get married" i said to my roomate in my college female overzealousness for love and marraige. "I just know they're gunna get married." And then if you've seen this movie before you know what happens. We had a meeting right after i watched the movie - and i had to explain to everyone why my eyes were all red and my face was puffed. Stink. But - all considered it was a great movie. And I would highly recommend it. I would say more - and i would say more thoughtfully - but I am being dragged away to dinner by a hungry and highly impatient crowd. Oh until next time.

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