Friday, March 27, 2009

The Sinus Smashing Adventures of Shnoz Girl.

A children's book is in the making.

Just wanted to update the world today on the things that have been reaching my nostrils.
People laugh when I tell them I have big nostrils, and then they say: "You don't have big nostrils! They're normal!" As if them telling me this is going to make my nose holes shrink to normal size. It's just not happening, people. I've learned to deal with it, and so should you!

My breathing apparati should be a character in an Adventure book. I mean, whereas other people may experience frustration when they realize their pen is on the other side of the room and they need to do homework!... me, myself can simply: brace myself, position my shnoz and...inhale. Voila! Presto! Pen in hand. Or in face, if I don't time it right.

But, all that to say this...
I was walking to french class and rounding the corner near cafe a la carte when I fragranced a fragrance that exploded a memory in my head. The memory? high school cafeteria. But not in the cafeteria. Remember the way you could always smell what you were going to have for lunch when you were in trigonometry? Well, then again, maybe that was just me. track record and all.

Anyway, someone had been microwaving some sort of garlic noodle mess in the community microwave in DeMoss. Does that strike anyone as odd? Here in our cathedral of learning, smack dab in the center, sits a microwave for common use.

I'm not a fan. Especially when I'm taken down memory lane to my alma mater. Though, this may be white noise as I'm realizing I may have been the only one who sniffed it. Again...seriously, look at me! Don't try to tell me they're not big. I know.

This is where I leave you. Until next time. I'll smell you before I see you.


S and H said... I've never noticed the size of your nostrils before! I'm definitely gonna have to check that out when I get back....hmmmmmm. Also! I totally know what you're talking about with the "memory smells." I can be out shopping somewhere and suddenly be transported back to third grade, or to Christmas 1995 or something totally random like that. Also, I could always smell what my school was having for lunch too....except it was history for me, not trig.! Never fear Liz, it's not just your nostrils, although now that you mention it, people tell me I have "race car" nostrils or "runner's" nostrils. It's because they kind of flare back or something. HAHA! This is such a weird conversation....I have sporty nostrils! Yeah baby!

S and H said...

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