Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pause for Effect

Hello, world. Or, more accurately, all two of you who may be reading...

The most exciting thing that this day is that anytime, any minute now...My roomate will spin around in her chair, fix her gaze in my direction, wait a moment for dramatic pause and spit out in a retarted accent...
"Are you ready to watch Lord of the Rings?"

And I'll say. "Could we?"

The other exciting thing about today was that I flipped the basket on my desk over on its side and put all my fancy books (O Henry, Me Myself and Bob, ...okay that's not fancy, A Nelson Basic Reader, plaid journal and an old copy of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales) and a vase inside of it. My thought is, if I pretend I'm smart, maybe I'll be a little smarter.

Something that is not exciting about today, is that I bought a four pack of Fruit Ices in my freezer. And they...are not freezing. I mean...What am I paying these people for?! Liquid fruit...uhm, stuff? No! I think not!

Oh, I gotta go. The glorious has just happened.

Goodbye to you.

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