Monday, October 20, 2008

Here fishy fishy fishy :)

I'm a bad kid. I skipped Creation Studies. I'm a very bad kid.
Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do though.

So tonight at around 6:45, Brittany and Lauran and I are going to adopt a new family member. That's right. We're fish shopping. We decided to just bite the bullet and buy one. I'm really excited about having someone to talk to (Yes, I am sick in the head).

Also, the Star Wars marathon comes to a conclusion tonight with "Return of the Jedi." I wore my star wars shirt today for celebration purposes.

Did you know that Marc Ecko released a line of Star Wars Shirts? Pretty sweet, I know. He knows what good is. I used to wear an Ecko[Red] shirt with a rhino on it and John Watts started calling me a Rhino. I was in eigth grade. It shattered my self image. Just kidding.

Anyway, off to criticize some literature.

God Speed.


Angela said...

I skipped Creation Studies once, too. We had had a pop quiz the class before, so I knew we weren't having one this time. I needed to get some work done, including the online quiz for CS. I took it during the time I was supposed to be in class, and the quiz messed up and I had to ask the teacher to reset it, only he noticed that I took it when I should have been in class. He made me feel really guilty, but what I wanted to tell him was, "I'm not a skipper!" I didn't miss every time we knew we weren't getting quizzed, and I hadn't even missed in another class all semester. I was doing homework for heaven's sake! ....Needless to say, I never skipped that class again.

Angela said...
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